Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Monta Ramen/もんたラーメン

You craving for Ramen while visiting the lovely Las Vegas? You willing to wait for maybe 15min-1hour? It will be well worth the wait once you taste the savory Ramen!

Monta is well known to have a long wait time.  The store is quite small with a booth next to where the making of the ramen is placed and tables at most can fit 5 people.  So, make sure you have a small party when you visit Monta.

The menu is pretty simple, you chose the they type of broth you want.  Depending on the broth type ramen you choose will also determine either you get thin or think noodles.  You can choose the toppings you like with your ramen.  I usually choose Egg and Seaweed with my order.

The Kuro Ramen Garlic Oil was at first only on the store's billboard, but now it has moved up in the world and is on Monta's menu now.  If you want something salty and garlic they is good for you~

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